No Book Reviews? Why not?

The main focus of Time to Enjoy Fiction is to encourage reading and the exploration of different sub-genres. That is better achieved by promoting great books. This is a place to find fun, thrilling, and adventurous reading recommendations that will pique your interest. You’ll find brief summaries highlighting each story, video clips or audio, links to book reviews, as well as book and author information.
This is your hub for book recommendations, sub-genre examples, and delightful discoveries. You can always guarantee that all book recommendations are made based on the average rating on Goodreads as well as personal reading experience. If it’s not entertaining, exciting, or fitting the guidelines for a specific sub-genre it will not be recommended in this blog. Keep this in mind when you’re perusing the various recommendations on the website.
This is a good blog to meander through when you’re not sure what to read next or looking for recommendations for a friend or family member. Although this website is geared towards adults, you will still find young adult fiction recommendations that are excellent for both age ranges. As well as, information about the benefits of reading Fiction and some short stories. So, whether you’re a long-time reader, an occasional dabbler, or new to the genre this is the place for you. Take a look around and find something new to read and enjoy!

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