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The Tower of The Elephant

So far, the recommendations that have been posted are for books. Let’s switch it up this week and delve into audiobooks for a different take on the “reading” experience. Audiobooks can be just as entertaining as reading a novel especially as the performance comes to life. Please keep in mind, not all audiobooks are created equal and will not always have a great voiceover performance by the actor or artist.

This week, we have a thrilling, entertaining, and free audiobook from the early 20th century titled The Tower of The Elephant written by Robert E. Howard. This short story features a young Conan the Cimmerian (a.k.a. the Barbarian) showing off his powerful strength and might as he makes his way through a sci-fi themed Indiana Jones-like mission.

After hearing rumors of a rare gem housed in treacherous Tower of The Elephant, Conan decides he will steal it when no others could. Along the way, he meets a rival thief, battles a giant spider, and encounters an alien elephant-like creature. It’s an exciting pulp-era adventure story that will leave you feeling like you just watched an action movie. So, give it a listen!

Here’s a link to the free text so you can read along.

You can find more information on Conan the Cimmerian here.

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