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Who is Odd Thomas?


This is the first book in a series about Odd Thomas written by Dean Koontz. The short-order diner cook whose simple worldview keeps him on the optimistic side of life and love. He’s charismatic, entertaining, full of humor, and an endearing character. He lives in the fictional town of Pico Mundo, California near the Mojave desert where life is as close to uneventful as possible. That all changes when a stranger moves into town.

Due to his ability to see dead people, he can also see the “spirits” that feed off of traumatic events that end in horrific murders. When he sees them trailing this new stranger, he becomes wary that something bad is about to happen and follows him to investigate. This leads to a series of events that will change Pico Mundo and his life forever. Dun, dun, dunnnn!

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Honestly, I watched the movie Odd Thomas on Netflix before I ever read the book. The movie was a different and intriguing take on mediums (those people who can see and talk to ghosts), which compelled me to read the novel (as soon as I found out that one existed). It was so easy to like Odd, his girlfriend Stormy, and the good he tries to do with his gift. If you haven’t seen it, I suggest giving it a watch, it was an underrated movie.

Head over to Goodreads to read an excerpt or listen to a sample of the audiobook. If you like the supernatural, paranormal, comedy, and a little romance then this is the novel for you. Go ahead, give it a try. Happy reading!

Here’s the trailer for the movie. I believe it doesn’t do the movie justice, but it will give you a glimpse of what it’s about.

For further information on Dean Koontz and this novel:

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